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It's very rare to have a pop singer with all the true talents that make one stand out from the crowd. It's even more rare to have one that can really sing, dance, write and perform but Brianna Haynes makes this seem effortless. Brianna has been singing, dancing and entertaining people from just about the day she was born. The culmination of her talents as an artist can be heard in her newly released self-titled debut album "Brianna Haynes" which represents a fresh new sound from a fresh new artist. In addition to being a naturally gifted singer, it's her determination, enthusiasm and hard-work ethic that are helping her become one of the fastest rising pop stars in the country.

What sets Brianna Haynes apart from all the other recording artists is how she can have such an exceptional singing voice and also be an accomplished dancer and songwriter. She writes her own material and can also play her own piano. Artists with this unique level of talent are very uncommon and, for the lucky viewers, only happen once in a lifetime. Her talents have already been witnessed by millions of spectators and she continues to make her mark as one of the true singers who will stand the test of time. She has performed to large national audiences many times appearing on CBS, FOX, NBC, MTV, The Emmy Awards, The Superbowl, Dodger Stadium, Deal Or No Deal and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, alongside recognized talents including Brad Pitt, Conan O'Brien, Jerry Lewis, John Legend, Nelly, Robbie Williams and many others. She has performed in major events and stirred audiences all across the country while continuing her record of successfully rising to the top in every professional endeavor she undertakes. It's no surprise this fast-rising musical artist from California has everyone talking.

Her self titled debut album "Brianna Haynes" presents a unique combination of high energy dance tracks and easy going memorable pop songs as well as heartfelt ballads that showcase Brianna's powerful vocals and emotional depth. Brianna's songs show her talents as a gifted singer and songwriter, while reflecting an energetic, soulful, and lively performance of them. Songs like the fun and flirty "Let It Slide" show a carefree attitude delivered with a memorable and easy to sing along hook. The Michael Jackson inspired "Perfect Lover" combines both modern and classic grooves embedded with catchy instrumental riffs and a soothing voice. The magic continues with the energetic flamenco guitar inspired track "So They Dance" whose infectious rhythm will definitely get anyone off their chair and make them start dancing. But it's songs like "I’ll Go On" that showcase a truly exceptional singing voice from a young singer that will be around for a long time. Brianna delivers a well-balanced performance of vocal clarity and emotion in everything she sings. One can easily hear the vast amount of work, devotion, talent and creativity needed to make a record that's already being referred to as a "classic pop album" in industry circles.

When Brianna was only 4 years old she was in a terrible accident that left the doctors saying "she may never walk again". But with her strong determination and the support of her family, she overcame this tragedy and went on to become one of the leading ballerinas in the country. She says, "Ballet seemed like a challenge to me while singing was always so easy that I didn't even know it was a talent. I thought everyone could sing." Brianna Haynes quickly rose to the top as a ballerina and dancer by receiving scholarships to the most prestigious ballet schools in the country, studying in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Pennsylvania. Her talents also took her around the world where she performed in many countries including Italy, France, Canada, Japan, Greece, Taiwan, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal and many more. All this was happening while she was still barely a teenager.

Brianna's life changed when she landed a leading role on the European tour of "Fame" as the ballerina who could sing. It was this job that made her realize what a talent she had for singing and got her on the fast track to becoming a recording artist. Inspired by her early musical influences including singers such as Celine Dion, Etta James, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Lauren Hill, she continued to pursue singing as her main career focus. As an entertainer, she cites Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce and Britney Spears as influences. Having the desire to sing her own songs, she developed her songwriting talents alongside her singing career. "I naturally tend to write about personal experiences such as love, life, courage and positive feelings like in my song "I Feel Good Again". Many of the songs on my album have encouraging messages that I hope a lot of people can identify with."

It was inevitable all her talents wouldn't go unnoticed for very long especially in the Los Angeles area, one of the major music cities of the world. That's where she met the multi-talented producer, writer and musician Sergio Ponzo. As a music industry leader and one of the top record production experts in the country, he immediately recognized Brianna's natural talents. Sergio Ponzo knew he had met a major talent when meeting Brianna for the first time. "When I first heard her sing a few notes, I knew right away she had that rare superstar quality," he says, "In today’s world of fabricated talent and false reality shows, there are very few artists who are for real. In Brianna's case, true talent speaks for itself."

The collaboration clicked right from the beginning. Brianna was fortunate to meet a producer who shared the same artistic vision and wanted to incorporate her dance background into the music as well. One can almost see a Cirque Du Soleil inspired stage performance of some tracks on the album such as "All I Ever Needed" and "All I Can Do". "I'm really glad we pushed ourselves to take chances with this album and not just follow what everyone else was doing," Brianna says, "We wanted to create something unique and come up with music that people of all ages could appreciate and enjoy."

One can clearly hear and see in her music how this unique artist draws from her accomplishments as a singer, dancer, songwriter and performer. She's glamorous yet accessible while her music is timeless and fresh sounding. Brianna feels highly energized and excited about sharing her music and performing it for the greater public. In addition, she hopes her talents continue to make a positive impact and contribution to society and states, "Through my music, I hope to inspire people to pursue their dreams and most importantly enjoy what they do along the way! Performing and being on stage is where I feel at home. When I can make the audience feel something special and inspire people, that's when I truly enjoy what I do.

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